Line Follower

Written by Doctor Machina on March 19, 2014 Categories: Arduino, important robot stuff, VEX Robotics

This is a line following robot that uses the Arduino UNO board and VEX reflectance sensors. There are three sensors located under the robot. The center is used as a reference. The tracks make for an inefficient design as they will slip as the motor speeds up. This could be improved by using the VEX traction treads or by switching to wheels.

Robot Videos!

Written by Doctor Machina on March 9, 2014 Categories: Arduino, important research, important robot stuff, VEX Robotics Tags: , , ,

Here is a video of the launcher in action! Of course, it needs more power!

Now for the bug walker… here is a test of the gait. Once I added the batteries and the rest of the stuff, it did not work right. I need stiffer material for the legs.

Attack of the Robot!!

Written by Doctor Machina on February 21, 2014 Categories: important research, important robot stuff, VEX Robotics

Ping Pong Assault Robot

My latest creation is this beast. It’s teeth aren’t very sharp but that can be taken care of with some better elastics. I don’t have the wireless remote configured yet but that will soon come. this chassis is 6-wheel drive with differential steering. So it is like a tank… but not quite. The chassis will probably be disassembled to make way for the next project. I’ll post a video of this thing in action soon.