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This is my Bugbot. If you want to get technical, it is a 3-servo hexapod. Like all my projects it is controlled by an Arduino Uno. I saw a video on YouTube of one of these and I thought that I could do that. I figured out the motion and was able to control it tethered to my computer. It is now a matter of making a sketch and dumping it on the UNO. I have written a program that uses my IR remote but that one no longer works. I guess I will have to steal the TV remote!

rts control experiment

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I took some time to integrate an RTS control into the game so that controlling the heroes is a bit more fun. I took some care to reproduce what I could see in the starcraft control as best I could. Yes I am using the unity navmesh for navigation.

You can box select and single select units. Enjoy. Click on the image to load the game. NOTE as this is an rts a right click is required to tell the units to move so be sure to choose fullscreen mode so the browser stops launching the context menu.

You can A click but at this time the AIs choose to attack their current agressors i.e. the ones with the fight tokens. This is not correct but I will fix it at some point. Why do I make these things.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.18.23 PM


Ludum Dare 28

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Here is a link to my  Ludum Dare 28 entry. It is an inversion of Defender.  Click on the image to give it a try.