Mr Avoidance

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Mr Avoidance

This is my second robotics project. It is an Arduino controlled obstacle avoidance robot. It uses an SDM-IO ultrasonic range finder to detect objects in or near its path. It continually scans its environment and emits a tone that is dependent on the distance. If an object gets too close, the robot will veer away and sound an alarm and if an object gets too close then the robot will pivot away from the object and sound a different alarm.

Here is the initial test of the sensor. It continuously scanned the area in a broad range and taking readings in small increments. There was a lot of noise which resulted in false low readings and caused the robot to react unpredictably. The tone and noises are interesting. Now the robot scans at five different places and takes the average of three readings.

Noisy Robot

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This is the latest creation… a noisy little robot. It uses an ultrasonic range finder and uses the distance to modify a tone. The closer an object gets, the higher the tone. It is almost like robot music.

Remote Control Arduino Robot

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Vexter has taken a turn. Actually it has turned right around.  The front and back ends have been switched but that is not all that is new.  I have figured out the IR Remote protocol and Vexter can now be controlled like an R/C car.

R/C Vexter

Sensors have been added on servos.  There is a compound eye mounted to a pan and tilt turret and an ultrasonic range finder and PIR motion detector have been mounted to a pan servo on the front.  The “bunny ears” are brackets for mounting a phone for remote video feeds.  Here is a video of Vexter in action.